I often describe coaching as taking a road trip together. You slide into the driver’s seat and I get into the passenger seat, helping to navigate so you reach your destination successfully. You are always in control of the wheel. Here’s how the journey typically flows:

  • Creating a Road Map: we start by your setting 3, 6, and 12-month goals to create a sense of direction and identify any roadblocks that might stand in your way
  • Getting Centered and Aligned: you complete two visioning exercises that examine your core values, your strengths, what gives you meaning, and what brings you joy
  • Exploration: we spend time clarifying your desired career path(s) and identifying opportunities
  • Implementing Strategies: we develop tactics that ensure your success — e.g. polishing your resume/cover letter, preparing for a job interview or performance review, or tweaking your networking strategy so you build more meaningful connections

Each session is designed to lead with your agenda and closes with your committing to take an action step (or a few) that will move you forward. In this way, you take ownership of your progress and growth, while I serve as an accountability partner cheering you on and offering support when you face setbacks.

Sessions are available virtually and in person in Hyattsville, MD. Click here to book an appointment.