Through our work together, my clients achieve fantastic results: they create a vision of their career goals and a plan of action, design top-notch resumes and cover letters that grab the attention of employers, network to gain new contacts in target companies, and negotiate to increase their salaries and earning potential by thousands of dollars.

My clients identify, pursue, and land their dream jobs.

From national non-profits and think tanks to federal agencies, my clients have found jobs they love and are making a difference in the world. Here are some of my success stories:

Alyssa’s LYJ Search seminar gave me a lot of insight into what kind of job I want and how to talk to others more effectively about what I have to offer. I felt like it challenged me to work on myself and focus on what I’m really looking for. I would recommend this career workshop to anyone who is looking for a job or changing their career path.
A., LYJ Search Alumna